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Jobseekers require assistance and guidance with the various steps involved in a thorough job search. Tasks like writing resumes and preparing for a successful interview are not always second nature and can be intimidating for someone who has been looking for work, or been out of the job market, for an extended period of time.

McGraw-Hill Workforce Connects is an online integrated system that makes the job search process straightforward and methodical. By breaking down the various steps involved in the process and providing hints and examples, along with best practices, the job search process becomes less intimidating to jobseekers.

Workforce Connects’ easy-to-use job search tools include:

  • Employment Guide
  • Job Search Tool

Learn more about specific components of our highly customizable system:

Career Analysis - explore careers and identify career pathways
Skill Assessment - identify skill levels and monitor progress
Training & Instruction - achieve career-readiness and improve employability
Workforce Tools - link jobseekers to services, and connect employers, jobseekers and area stakeholders

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The Complete Career Navigation System

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